The benefits of 'extra virgin olive oil is felt primarily on:

cardio circulatory system, in fact, extra virgin olive oil intervenes by reducing the level of total cholesterol and simultaneously raising the level of HDL cholesterol that is the "good" that can "sweep the streets" from LDL cholesterol plaques accumulated.

The 'extra virgin olive oil also promotes the development of the skeletal system in children and slows down the process of bone decalcification in elderly people.

The advice is to use extra virgin olive oil, preferably raw, but remember that the extra virgin olive oil is not harmful if cooked, in fact, thanks to its high smoke point, the extra virgin olive oil is also recommended for frying.

Without a doubt the best oil is extra virgin. Unfortunately a little knowledge and a dubious advertising by oil industries have created the image that extra virgin is "heavy" and not very suitable for a healthy diet. Absolutely false! The extra virgin olive oil is the one that best maintains the organoleptic characteristics of the oil, as well as having a flavor far more full and genuine. Then the absolute best oil is called "wort" or unfiltered. This is because the juice is the original product and intact olive pressing, is rich in all those properties that have helped to call the juice of olives: nectar of the gods.

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